Veterinary Charts that Autosave!


    (TL:DR; Veterinary Charts that autosave are in Hippo Manager and are active for everyone)  Ever wondered where autosaving veterinary charts were when you’ve just spent valuable time with detailed patient info only to GASP! LOSE it all, all of a sudden?  Did you forget to hit save several times?  What about pressing “save” before you closed the window?  How about your iPad running out of battery and then GULP, you go back to that chart and …





    It’s the stuff of nightmares for hard working veterinarians, their staff and honestly, anyone working in detailed information on an electronic device, ever.  I’m getting an eye twitch just thinking about that right now, actually, brb, going to hit save….

    Ok, now that I’ve saved this article… if I were charting in Hippo Manager, the autosaving feature is already enabled and saving my precious notes and hard work every few seconds.

    Veterinary Charts that Autosave?  YOU BET!

    autosaving veterinary charts

    You don’t need to enable autosave in Hippo Manager, it’s a feature that is built-in and saves our practice partners lots of grey hairs and unnecessary worry.  Not to mention fewer clicks and, autosaving allows veterinarians and staff to make detailed patient notes while the thoughts are freely flowing.

    No need to stop patient notes and detailed thoughts to move your mouse, or quickly remember to hit “save”.  Keep those patient ideas, care detail and notes moving as fast as your fingers can type and let our autosaving veterinary charts keep it all locked up and safe.

    Take a look at how this autosave feature in Hippo Manager looks:
    autosaving veterinary software.saving red button


    Saving happens automatically every few seconds and looks like this

    veterinary charts that autosave.saved


    What the chart screen looks like once autosaved

    autosaving veterinary charts saved


    The green lets you know the chart has autosaved and all previous work will be kept


    Autosaving Veterinary Charts are HERE!

    And delivering a sign of relief to all veterinary practice staff members everywhere.

    Am I right?

    Custom chart templates are also autosaved.  So, next time you’re using that custom chart you love that you created for your patients, that chart autosaves too!  In the middle of some detailed patient notes but an emergency comes in or, human error occurs?  You’ve stepped away from your laptop or desktop, only to find out that someone logged you out or, changed what you were working on?  Autosave has your back.  And so does Hippo Manager.

    Contact our customer service support and training team with any questions. Take advantage of your unlimited training and support, drop us a line and ask away!

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