Completing Veterinary Client Callbacks


    Complete veterinary client callbacks using a simple report in Hippo Manager, it’s built-in and an easy way to boost business! Because, who doesn’t want to improve appointment compliance, boost client retention and make more from repeat business? Client callbacks are important to patient care but also to business management. Use the veterinary client callback report in Hippo to complete follow-up care. Furthermore, boost compliance for upcoming appointments as part of a reminder system.

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    Why Complete Veterinary Client Callbacks?

    It’s as straightforward as it sounds, to deliver excellent customer service and give a well-rounded approach to patient care. Callbacks complete the circle of great patient care through excellent customer service and therefore, repeat business.

    1. Follow-up care
    2. Appointment reminders

    Use client callbacks to check in on patients for post-appointment follow-up care. Personally check-in on the progress of a patient. Because this is a great opportunity to provide options for additional follow-up visits.

    compete veterinary client callback report

    Callbacks are a valuable element of front office staff workflow. Have staff slot time daily to call clients and deliver personalized appointment reminders for upcoming visits. Boost appointment compliance by complementing callbacks with mailed postcard reminders and 2-way text messaging. Communicate with clients in their preferred method and you’ll see increased loyalty, repeat business, and higher revenue.

    How To Run The Veterinary Client Callback Report

    Running the veterinary client callback report in Hippo Manager is a simplified process. Use the report to filter for post-surgery patients and upcoming appointments. Furthermore, use the built-in report for, specific reminders such as vaccinations and more.



    Telephone as a communication method might be an older technology but, excellent customer service never goes out of date! Streamline staff time by incorporating 2-way text messaging after leaving a voicemail for an appointment reminder. Follow-up on a patient visit and compliment the phone conversation with messaging. Do this via photos, video and unlimited texts with Zipwhip!

    how to run the veterinary client callbacks report in Hippo Manager

    Under “reports” in the Hippo Manager main menu, click “client communications”. Select “Callback List” and choose dates as well as “seen by” to run the report specific to the attending care specialist. Furthermore, if callbacks are an important part of your day, add this option to the custom toolbar in Hippo called “Quicklinks“. Get to the veterinary client callback list quicker!

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    Completing client callbacks are an important function of every veterinary practice or multi-unit hospital. Compliment the workflow with additional services such as text messaging and mailed postcards to drive appointment compliance. Provide personalized customer service and care with a voice call and elevate patient care alongside client expectations. Watch your practice loyalty soar and profits boom!

    Learn how to get started with client callback lists built-in FREE to Hippo Manager with a free trial.  Start today!  Besides starting for free or getting a demo, call or text our team to ask questions and learn more. Because we can help grow your practice and profits! 877 819 0159

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