Veterinary Cloud Software Pricing


    Hippo Manager’s Veterinary Cloud Software Pricing is the most simple and affordable on the highly competitive marketplace. Practice management software pricing can get complicated pretty quickly, however, at Hippo Manager our pricing continues to be priced per month, per full time vet.

    At only $60 a month, per vet, our veterinary cloud software pricing continues to be an affordable solution for large and small clinics, perfect for veterinary clinics and practices that are mobile and in the field as well as for low-cost and non-profit programs.

    Hippo Manager offers veterinary cloud software pricing that includes a fully featured program adaptable for clinics with a variety of needs and a great fit for clinics that require some speciality and customization.

    Your practice will find a variety of pricing structures and packages on the marketplace for cloud-based veterinary practice management software, but none as straight-forward and simple as Hippo Manager (see our pricing page, here).  Our veterinary cloud software pricing does not have a structure or tiered packaging that is separated by additional features or services.  $60 per month per vet includes unlimited patients, data storage, users and customer service and support.  For only $60 a month, your veterinary practice can utilize our fast growing software for one vet and unlimited other non-doctor staff members.

    One vet and ten staff = $60 a month.

    Two vets and two staff = $12o a month.

    Two vets and eight staff = $120 a month.

    As you can see, the price only changes per doctor.

    veterinary cloud software pricing

    Does your clinic or practice need a data conversion when moving to Hippo Manager practice management software?  A data migration fee is only on the table should your practice have years of data or patient info and data that you want carried over to Hippo Manager.  Data migration fees vary widely amongst competitors in the veterinary software marketplace, Hippo Manager offers this service for a one time fee of only $1500 per location.  Discounts are available for multi-location practices.

    See what simple pricing can do for your veterinary practice with Hippo Manager’s veterinary cloud software pricing, start your no obligation, risk free trial today or call 877-819-0159 ext 1.

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