Important End of Day Reports in your Veterinary Software


    Get a good understanding of your veterinary practice daily performance by running important end of day reports in your veterinary software.  Using common end of day business reports such as detailed payments and detailed sales is vital to monitoring the business health of your veterinary practice.  Hippo Manager offers the ability for partner practices to quickly and easily run these end of day reports and even has a deposit slip created, populated with your financial data from that day’s business (or, custom date rage), ready for your banking institution.

    What Are The Important End of Day Reports?

    Detailed payments and detailed sales.  These two financial reports offer a daily snapshot of your veterinary practice sales and payments, run by location if needed, for multi-location practices and businesses.  We’ve made it simpler to check the performance of your practice by having easy-to-read statements that run in a matter of seconds no matter how many transactions your veterinary practice has completed that day.

    How to run end of day reports in Hippo Manager

    Run end of day detailed payments report in seconds!  The detailed payments and sales reports have been optimized to display your information so that end of day financial reporting can be completed with ease in Hippo Manager veterinary software.

    ——-> Take a look at a sample detailed payments report, typically used at end of day by veterinarians, below:

    End of day reports for veterinarians detailed payments


    Running end of day reports for multi-location veterinary practices is easy with Hippo Manager!  Select the location, or, all locations and get your end of day financials optimized to detail payments and sales, per practice location.  End of day reports for veterinarians is essential to understanding P&L at your veterinary practice!

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    Important end of day reports in your veterinary software should also include detailed sales and, if required for cash and check deposits, deposit slip. Easily run detailed sales report directly from reports in Hippo Manager, the report runs in seconds and can be run by location for multi-location practices.  Go to your Toolbar > Reports >Detailed Reports > Detailed Sales

    important end of day reports in your veterinary software

    How to run end of day reports in veterinary software detailed sales

    Easily create a deposit slip for your banking institution summarizing deposits Cash/Check/Card for a custom date range. ——>

    Veterinary Software Deposit Slip Report

    Learn about more optimized financial and business reports in Hippo Manager Veterinary Software, watch the short video, here:



    Interested in learning more about financial reporting in veterinary software and how it can save and DRIVE more $$$ for your veterinary practice? Check out this report on using provider production and detailed reports to identify areas that can be optimized for more revenue!

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