Your Veterinary Practice Can Go Paperless!

    Your veterinary practice can go paperless with Hippo Manager! Does your practice have large metal filing cabinets from floor to ceiling that you longingly look at every day and wish they would just “go away”?  One paper file or one million paper files, it’s 2019 and time for your veterinary practice to go paperless.

    New Year resolutions can include cleaning out old equipment and space! (Like that 1990’s treadmill that’s more like a clothes rack), or, “stuff” that hasn’t been seen in years taking up valuable space.  It can be just like that at your practice, or, wherever your veterinary offices are located, so it’s time to FREE UP that space, kick out the old equipment a.k.a. servers and clunky hardware and go paperless in 2017 with Hippo Manager.

    Everything to do with your files and precious patient data is stored SECURELY in the cloud.  Never any space-hogging at your practice and never any memory hogging on your device (laptop, desktop, tablet) since all images and files and data are stored SAFELY with Hippo Manager and our provider, Amazon Web Services.


    YES!  Your veterinary practice can go paperless NOW!

    With Hippo Manager, there are no hardware costs or installation fees.  There are no physical or virtual space requirements needed from your practice, because we are cloud based your veterinary practice go go live and paperless in literally, MINUTES.

    Veterinary Practice Can GO PaperlessYour veterinary practice is paperless from client check in to check out with Hippo Manager PMS.  Paperless from BEFORE check in by sending email reminders to your clients (don’t miss out on that revenue by missing reminders!) directly from Hippo Manager, update appointments from your phone, check in patients using Hippo Manager, complete the patient exam and send invoices and medicine prescriptions electronically.  All while NEVER touching a printer, or getting a paper cut.

    Say NO to paper cuts in 2017 and YES to paperless with Hippo Manager veterinary PMS.

    Contact us today for a FREE TRIAL, try out our software side by side with your current provider and tell us how we can become your practice management software partner today!  Call us on 877-819-0159 ext 1 or click here to request your free trial login information.

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