Marketing Your Veterinary Practice Using Hippo Manager Software

    For every bit of information your veterinary practice loads into Hippo Manager practice management software, thousands of data points are created by which you can use to market the many benefits of your practice.

    As a Hippo Manager veterinary practice partner, you have access to valuable information about your practice, your patients, your staff and your management tools.  Veterinary Practice software such as Hippo Manager can assist your practice in becoming more efficient with our easy to use software, but did you know that efficiency is also a marketable data point?

    Case Study: Using the appointment timer as marketing information

    Here’s a great example of a small tool that is offered in the Hippo Manager software – the appointment timer.  The stopwatch icon that is located at the bottom of your screen as you begin to check in a patient.  Starting that stopwatch and then ending it when the patient is checked out can build valuable information on how long it takes your veterinary practice to see a patient.  Now, not all data is created equal, you’d want to drill down and compare all “general wellness” check up visits, versus comparing those to emergency or surgery visits.  But, once you have several of these appointments timed, you can average your appointment time and market that to your customers as fast, quick, or efficient.

    Or, perhaps, you can see areas of improvement within your practice.  Either way, utilizing Hippo Manager as more than just a practice management tool is a great way to grow your practice when you’re taking a deeper look into these data points.

    growth video still

    Your veterinary practice can utilize Hippo Manager to create information that is valuable to your marketing efforts.  Hippo Manager can assist your practice when it comes to seeking formation on the type of patients, the quantity of patients and the quality of care and your practice should be active in taking advantage of this information.  Taking advantage of this information gives you valuable knowledge about your practice so that you can take that information on the road, communicate your successes to your clients and promote your veterinary practice to grow your customer base.

    Want to learn more about how Hippo Manager can be not only, an affordable veterinary software solution, but also a marketing tool?  Give us a call today 877-819-0159 or drop us a line anytime  Not yet a client with Hippo Manager?  Schedule a free demo for any time that suits you, click here.  We’d love to see you become a member of our Hippo Herd.

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