Detailed Veterinary Referral Letter


    We’ve added to our report suite! The detailed referral letter is now available to all veterinary partner practices.  A simple referral letter has always been part of or out-of-the-box for all Hippo Manager software subscribers, however, our development team has added a detailed referral letter with more fields, customizable areas and more options to fill out necessary patient information, for referring practices and partners.

    Detailed Veterinary Referral Letter VS Simple Referral Letter

    Choose which referral letter is best suited to the needs of your veterinary practice.  Each are available in the same area of charts in Hippo Manager.

    detailed veterinary referral letter

    Depending on the needs of your veterinary practice, the simple referral letter will adhere to best patient practices when referring to another veterinary service.

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    simple veterinary referral letter

    The detailed referral letter adds more fields to provide for more information about the patient and patient care.  This includes physical exam evaluation and results as well as a detail of medications dispensed and/or prescribed.

    veterinary software detailed referral latter

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