Get Your Veterinary Software Certification!


    Complete your veterinary software certification with Hippo Manager!  It’s FREE and included with all subscriptions.  Hippo Manager is the only veterinary software on the market that offers a full library of learning opportunities that is continuously updated as the industry and our software evolves.  Get certified in Hippo Manager veterinary software, it’s simple. Complete tracks of learning to get the most out of your full featured and full-service veterinary practice management software!

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    Completing Your Veterinary Software Certification

    Available to all veterinary practice partners with a subscription, all staff members are eligible to complete the learning track(s) to become certified in Hippo Manager.  Hippo Manager uses an online learning university with carefully tailored courses with, limited testing.  The free online learning can easily be navigated by practice partners.  Complete the courses and use Hippo Manager to drive repeat visits, profits and best business practices.

    veterinary software certification

    Step One:

    Sign up for the FREE webinar on how you can get started using the free online library and complete course list.  Request a custom training session here if you don’t see the webinar listed.

    Step Two:

    Complete your assigned learning track(s) as indicated, at your pace, as it suits you.  Learn from anywhere, anytime.  Complete your Hippo Manager veterinary software certification, from anywhere in the world, during business hours, or after hours.  It’s up to you!

    Step Three:

    Access any other of the course libraries that interest you as you grow in your position at your veterinary practice. Learn more about reporting, client communications, reducing no-shows and driving profit at your practice.  Gain a stronger understanding of veterinary software and how it helps practices run their business.

    Free online veterinary software courses are available 24/7 365 with Hippo Manager using the online library.  Get started in a free trial today, and see for yourself how Hippo Manager does MORE for our veterinary practice partners.  877-819-0159

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