Veterinary Software w/ Unlimited & Free Upgrades

    Hippo Manager offers cloud-based veterinary software with unlimited and FREE upgrades!  Our practice management software includes upgrades on an instantaneous basis, available to all clients of Hippo Manager.

    Our most recent software upgrade includes several functionalities which include:

    1. Faster transaction time during sales register process.
    2. Expanded help menu – now offering our quick start guide encyclopedia – updated frequently!
    3. IOS (Apple products) streamlined app usability and optimized functionality

    Hippo Manager veterinary software with unlimited and free upgrades is a feature of our highly competitive practice management pricing plan.  For $60 per month per vet, this includes – always free and unlimited:

    • Technical Support & Customer Service
    • Training, Q&A Sessions
    • Users
    • Patients
    • Data Storage

    Veterinary Software with unlimited and free upgrades – a list of our most recent upgrades in detail

    1) Faster transaction time during sales register process:

    Users of Hippo Manager will notice increased speeds while accessing invoices and sales at the register and point of sale during patient check-out with the latest update.  This will increase efficiency for practices decreasing time and clicks it takes to complete and sale and move to processing payment and billing.

    2) Expanded help menu – now offering our Quick Start Guide encyclopedia:

    Our popular Quick Start Guides that cover a variety of topics on using Hippo Manager functionality, is now available directly through the  software, located on the “Help” menu tab.  Hippo Manager offers these guides as a FREE downloadable and printable self-education material for users of all levels.  Accompanying our unlimited and free training sessions for every paying client, the Quick Start Guides often will have partner videos that walk a client through the procedure during a real-time session using Hippo Manager.

    veterinary software unlimited and free upgrades

    veterinary software unlimited and free upgrades

    For a list of videos that are available on using Hippo Manager, subscribe to our You Tube channel, here. For a complete one-sheet with links to downloadable content on the Hippo ManagerQuick Start Guide library, click here.  For additional training resources on Hippo Manager, sign up for FREE twice monthly training sessions.  They’re less than 30 minutes and done on Tuesdays at 2pm EST – if that doesn’t work for your clinic, sign up for a personalized custom training session.

    3) IOS (Apple products) streamlined app usability and optimized functionality

    Our development team pushed an upgrade relevant to clients using IPad as a primary tool for practice management.  This upgrade fixes some minor bugs associated with IOS and users will notice streamlined app usability and increased functionality.  Faster speeds using an IOS device and Hippo Manager, the same user experience as if using on a desktop or laptop computer.

    If you have any questions related to our most recent upgrades and updates, please contact our Customer Service & Support Department on 877.891.0159 ext 2 or email and your request will be answered in a timely fashion.  Use the same information to request a custom training session to take advantage of our upgrades to increase efficiency at your veterinary practice.

    At Hippo Manager, we believe in a pricing structure that is SIMPLE and AFFORDABLE.  Hippo Manager rolls out updates to our software as quickly as possible with NO downtime for our clients.  As a cloud-based practice management software, all upgrades and updates are effective with each client secure system at next login date.

    Not yet a Hippo Manager client?  Request a FREE trial today.  No obligations, ever.

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