Who Owns Your Veterinary Clinic Data?

    Do you know who owns your veterinary clinic data?  If you ASSUMED you do, you could be wrong.  Some practice management software providers own your data and can prohibit your practice from accessing your data, backing it up, even transferring it to another software provider.  Don’t get caught in this sticky situation!  At Hippo Manager YOU OWN YOUR practice data.  All of it.  Our terms and conditions clearly spell out the data security and relationship to your practice, enabling the secure storage of your data, while your practice has full rights and ownership to your data.  After all, it’s your hard work, you should be able to keep it and transfer it, and use it as you’d like!

    Partnering your veterinary practice with a software provider is a big decision, if you haven’t made it already. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of your data storage and accessibility, carefully. If you don’t know who really owns your veterinary practice data, check now.  Not owning your own data can make it very difficult to make changes down the road when you’ve grown your practice and developed client relationships that are important to be able to access and continue to nurture.

    who owns your veterinary clinic data?
    Do you know who owns your veterinary clinic data?

    Again, at Hippo Manager YOU OWN YOUR DATA.  We just keep it safe, nice, warm and cozy for you, in the cloud.  We complete nightly back ups, your data is SSL encrypted and can provide your practice with a FULL BACK UP within 24 hours.  We work with third party companies like VetData and always provide your data in a format that is transferable and portable, should you need that accessibility.

    Who owns my veterinary clinic data?

    YOU SHOULD.  Your practice should have full rights and accessibility to your hard work, your client profiles and patient information. We make it as clear as possible and as simple, efficient and affordable as possible for all size veterinary clinics to own and access their own veterinary practice data.  Hippo Manager lets practices own their data, clinics have full rights to their own data, with Hippo Manager.

    Hippo Manager has a five star rating on Capterra for a reason.  Our customer service is highly rated and our affordable, highly competitive pricing is the reason why we can provide the best features and options to our clients using cloud technology.

    Don’t get caught wondering who owns your hard work, all your veterinary practice data, YOU SHOULD, ALL OF IT.  Contact us today to get started on a no obligations free trial and see how we work with you to provide your practice the best opportunities to GROW and further your business providing excellent care for all your clients and their best friends.  Call 877-819-0159 EXT 1, click here, or, email us: info@hippomanager.com to tell us about your practice and when you’d like to get started.

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