Cloud Veterinary Software for the Large Animal Veterinarian


    Large animal veterinarians need specific elements from their cloud veterinary software for treating large animals in the field, barn and animals by the hundreds.  Make the right choice by understanding which cloud veterinary software provider offers the five critical factors that most large animal veterinarians are looking for.




    What To Look For w/ Large Animal Cloud Veterinary Software

    1. Mobility
    2. Bulk Patient Capability
    3. IPad/Tablet Compatibility
    4. Customizable
    5. Ability to be Paperless

    large animal cloud veterinary software


    1. Mobility

    Large animals are often in fields at farms, in barns that usually require some distance between the vet’s home office and the patients.  The ability to have a cloud veterinary software that is designed for field work and total mobility is crucial.   Paperless, tablet compatibility also contribute to mobility factors however, true mobility and adaptability in the field is something Hippo Manager specifically offers large animal veterinarians.

    No wifi in the field? No problem, run Hippo Manager from your cell phone hot spot and see patients and save precious data.  Easily upload all file types (jpeg, video, DICOM and more) back at the office and provide record of your field patient care.

    Hippo Manager is totally mobile.  Run from anywhere in the world with the safety and security provided by cloud veterinary software.  Learn more here.

    2. Bulk Patient Compatibility

    Hippo Manager exclusively offers items kits and chart templates that are designed for veterinarians that need to perform procedures in bulk and provide compliant records when doing such.  See hundreds of patients in the field easily and seamlessly with Hippo Manager on your iPad or Tablet.  Using item kits, a vaccination for hundreds of patients turns into an easily recordable and billable function in our cloud veterinary software.  Learn more here.

    3. IPad/Tablet Compatibility

    All large animal veterinarians needs the ability to access their office in the field.  Laptops offer a lot of flexibility as do iPads and Tablets, Hippo Manager is MADE for the mobile large animal veterinarian. Beautiful veterinary software that’s flexible and adaptable for all mobile devices even down to a cell phone!  Run Hippo Manager from the cloud and from your mobile device just as you would from your desktop or laptop in the office.



    4. Customizable

    Get to what your large animal veterinary practice does most, fast.  The most customizable cloud veterinary software on the marketplace is Hippo Manager. Create custom chart templates specific for the animal, treatment and care type.  Fully customize the appointment scheduler and the home screen and organize your daily routine and patient care type.

    Learn more on the customizability of Hippo Manager here.

    5. GO Paperless!

    Invoice and receive payment in the field, on the spot, immediately with Clearent + Hippo manager built-in integrated payment processing. Prescribe medications and sign charts all electronically.  Email billing statements and give your clients access to the online patient portal so that they can print their own vaccination certificates, records and more! Patient Portal – read more.

    See for yourself why Hippo Manager is chosen by hundreds of large animal veterinarians.  Start a free trial or, request a demo.  Email us or call 877 819 0159

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