What Makes Hippo Manager Different from Other Providers?


    Are you researching, choosing veterinary software? Hippo Manager is a highly-rated cloud provider so, what makes Hippo Manager different from other veterinary software providers and competitors?  If you’re in the market for a new practice management solution you’re likely weighing the pros and cons between all the options.

    Even if you’re not in the market for new software, you should always make sure your practice is set up for future success.  Because, without the right practice management software at your foundation, you could be bleeding (veterinary pun intended) thousands of dollars out of your profit line each year!

    In a nutshell —> take a look at these unique veterinary software features:

    Here’s What Makes Hippo Manager Different (& Better!)

    • Work in multiple tabs, at once, in different patient profiles!
    • Keep your appointment scheduler full from your phone calendar (it syncs with Hippo!)
    • FREE online continuing education for practice management software
    • Autosaving veterinary charts
    • Sign and un-sign veterinary charts with full logging of activity for compliance

    Paired with essential integrations like labs and built-in features like patient reminders, payment processing, DICOM and ability to upload all video and audio files Hippo Manager “checks all the boxes” for most veterinary practices. Get a demo.

    Choosing Veterinary Software – Unique Features

    Our veterinary software is built from the ground up. Hippo Manager is driven to providing market differentiators and unique features such as Google calendar 2-way sync and auto-saving veterinary charts.  Most importantly, our veterinary software is sustained in a secure, reliable cloud environment that is continually being improved and developed to best suit our practice partner needs. We offer the following unique veterinary software features to all partner practices built-in.

    Easily operate Hippo Manager in MULTIPLE tabs.

    Open your preferred browser (Google Chrome or Apple Safari on Apple devices) and work on one patient chart, then open a new tab to perform check out for another patient.

    Add as many tabs you need to multi-task and work on whatever is needed on the same device.

    That’s NOT POSSIBLE with many other cloud providers and not possible if you’re operating a server-based PiMS.

    Google Calendar 2-Way Sync

    Update Hippo Manager appointments for your veterinary practice from your phone calendar, and preferred mobile device calendar!  Appointments updated from your device are automatically added to your practice scheduler and vice versa!

    Watch the video here.

    The ONLY PiMS w/ Free Online Learning

    We take the time to train your veterinary practice staff.  Full onboarding is completed for all practice partners and continuing education provided in our comprehensive online library.

    Online training courses are continually updated and added to so that our practice partners and their staff can utilize tools in Hippo Manager to increase profits and drive customer loyalty!

    Autosaving Veterinary Charts

    YUP!  Take as many detailed notes, type away, keep an eye on that patient and step away from your device al your chart notes will always be saved!

    Autosaving happens every few seconds and there’s no need to manually disrupt your workflow to hit the “save” button.

    See how it works.

    Sign and Un-Sign Veterinary Charts!

    And maintain full compliance. All changes are logged and accounted for so that if records needed to be checked, all activity has been officially logged and documented.

    Watch the video.

    Take advantage of the unique features Hippo Manager offers – watch the video and enable them all today!



    About Hippo Manager Veterinary Software

    We love what we do.

    We EMPOWER animal care professionals around the world the THRIVE.

    Hippo Manager is the largest independently owned cloud-based veterinary practice management software in the United States.  Aimed at providing practice management solutions that drive profits and make software a seamless part of a highly efficient practice focused on patient care, Hippo Manage always offers a no-obligation free trial.

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