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    Switching Veterinary Practice Management Software Doesn’t Have to be Scary!

    Completing a veterinary software conversion with Hippo Manager is a carefully managed process that we want your practice to be ready for. Complete a data migration with Hippo Manager and you can hit the ground running once the conversion steps are complete.

    Let Us Guide You Through Three Simple Steps

    Step 1
    See What We’re All About


    Schedule a one-on-one demo and walkthrough of our easy to use software. Ask about the veterinary software conversion process and jump into Hippo Manager!

    Step 2
    Try it for Yourself


    Get access to every single feature, unlimited. Data storage, support, patients, users, and all our training resources. Get to know our team and be 100% ready for your data migration.

    Step 3
    Data Migration


    We’ll handle your precious veterinary data with kid gloves! Enjoy unlimited access to our team of professionals DEDICATED to your account and your data migration process.

    Use existing equipment.  No setup fees, no new hardware, instant and unlimited upgrades.


    Any PiMS to Hippo Manager

    Any PiMS to Hippo Manager

    Coming from an old server-based provider or, needing to switch to a more reliable and user-friendly cloud veterinary software? Hippo Manager can complete all veterinary software conversions no matter who you're with now!


    One Price.

    One Price.

    $1,750 Per Data Migration. No set up fees, no installation fees, no hidden costs. Bring over years of precious veterinary software data and Hippo Manager will import it for one price. Switching made SIMPLE!


    Perfected Process

    Perfected Process

    Hippo Manager has dedicated personnel to make sure we work WITH YOU to ensure accurate data transfer. We'll get your staff trained up and ready to start in our easy to use and simple to learn veterinary software.

    Your Data is Yours

    Not everyone in the veterinary software field shares our view. You’ve worked hard for that information and it’s ALWAYS YOURS, even when you switch to Hippo Manager and similarly if you choose to leave.

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