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    Our coaching program is different than standard consulting or veterinary practice management continuing education —it’s a complete system for building a high performing practice. We tie together your practice management software tools, your data, your goals and a learning program to improve your practice. First, we focus on the needs and goals you chose (especially work life balance) and we give you impartial and nonjudgmental feedback on how to get there. Then, we teach you use to use your existing software tools and leverage your own data to improve your practice. This is not a cookie cutter solution and you won’t get an laundry list of recommendations at the end. You will get a chance to continually improve, learn new skills and build a practice that works for you.

    Hippo Manager Practice Performance Report

    Invest in Your Future

    Looking at reporting data and your practice information is great, but to get value from it, you need to know what to do with it. Hippo Manager coaches can help you understand the “why, how and what” factors of your data. You’ll learn why it’s important to use each report, how to interpret your practice information and what action you should take to help your practice thrive.  The best part: your team already has these tools in place, and we can help you stop guessing and start growing.

    What Types of Sessions are Offered?

    You can engage in full service coaching, or get started with short sprints on change management or wellness plan implementation to see if it’s a good fit for your practice.

    What is covered in Hippo Manager Practice Coaching?

    Animals and Clients
    Short Sprint: Change Management


    Helping your practice improve performance is where we shine.  Using your own data, coaching can help you get a holistic understanding of:

    • How to run reports
    • Why it’s important to track metrics
    • How to set goals that matter
    • What KPIs you should focus for growth or improvements
    • How to interpret your reports
    • What actions your own data is guiding you toward

    These modules are everything you’ve ever wanted to know about call backs, reminders, detailed sales reports, practice performance, provider performance, end of day reports and so much more. We will use your practice data in your sessions, taking you beyond theory and examples, and instead get you started directly with your own practice tools and data.



    Are most of your challenges related to working successfully with the people who work alongside you? We can pair you with a coach who understands and can help you build healthy team dynamics. Your coaching sessions can prepare you to:

    • Change management – this is our specialty!
    • Address conflict resolution
    • Improve recruiting and hiring
    • Evaluations
    • Employee Handbook
    • Finding your team's strengths
    • Communication styles
    • Foundations of team building
    • And more!
    Animals and Clients

    Animals and Clients

    You can work with a coach to grow your practice by attracting new clients, enhancing your communication, improve scheduling and developing a strong culture of customer service. You can also learn about how to better engage your tools. Your coach can help you:

    • Build a dentistry program
    • Implement wellness plans
    • Manage a boarding component
    • Measure and improve client service
    • Referral strategies
    • Customer retention
    • And more!
    Short Sprint: Change Management

    Change Management Series


    *Discounted for additional locations

    • Provides additional support for Practice Managers and Owners who want to equip their teams to embrace the transition to Hippo Manager software and ensures every team member learns to use your new tools, systems and processes.
    • Includes seven coaching sessions for you and/or your team, and may include other practices
    • Provides change management templates for team discussion, team exercises and goal setting

    Hospital Coaching

    Hippo Manager wants to empower you to grow your practice. Invest in your future with our full service coaching.

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