Visualize Critical Growth Factors for Your Practice

    Revenue Growth

    Track revenue gained or lost during any period year over year.

    Client Growth

    Easily see new clients report and the impact on your veterinary practice bottom line.

    Provider Sales

    The practice performance report includes sales by providers for selected periods, available for comparison.

    Patient Growth

    Previous year and current year patient growth as well as ratio of growth.

    How Well is Your Practice Performing

    How Well is Your Practice Performing?

    Hippo Manager provides more value to partners practices than any other veterinary PiMS on the market. The practice performance report gives your team an immediate look into critical growth factors such as new clients, revenue and patients. With more built-in features, robust unlimited services, Hippo Manager is the best choice for any size, any specialty veterinary practice.

    Evaluate Your Veterinary Practice Quickly and Easily

    Breakdown by Location

    Run KPIs over multiple locations and see an organizational-wide summary of those metrics across all selected locations. Perfect for large multi-unit hospitals!

    Compare Year Over Year

    Compare the same week, 4-week and 12-week period year over year to track performance metrics.

    Graphical Output

    Compare the detailed information report line by line and view in a colorful graphical chart.

    Start reducing your workload and getting back to what matters

    Hippo is offering free trial which includes unlimited data storage, support, training, patients and users.

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