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    Hippo Manager

    Headquartered in Lexington, KY, Hippo Manager Software Inc, is a cloud-based, veterinary practice management software. It provides all the tools needed to run a clinic or hospital, including SOAP notes/medical records, patient scheduler, reporting, point of sale, inventory, reminders, and more.

    Never any limits on the number of patients or the amount of storage needed for patients. 10 or 10,000,000 patients, our cloud-based software needs no limits and we offer none, to your practice all for the same one monthly price, per vet.

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    What We Believe

    Your software not the other way around, by supporting your workflow instead of dictating it. It should empower your workflow while supporting your work-life balance. Our easy-to-use software gives you flexibility and customization options so you can practice medicine your way.


    We provide more features than any product on the market. As a cloud based product, we add can enhance features and integrations with no downtime.

    Some of our features:

    • Accessible from Anywhere, Cloud-Based
    • Inventory Management
    • Invoicing/Billing
    • Reporting
    • Scheduling
    • Patient Portal and In-App Email, Texting
    • Medical Records/SOAP
    • White Board
    • DICOM View and Medical Imaging
    • Laboratory Diagnostics
    • Best in Class Integrations - Client communication tools, labs and payment processing

    Our mission is to empower veterinary professionals to thrive


    HOW you change is just as important as what you are changing.

    We navigate you through the process of switching to Hippo. and culture changes, in addition to migrating data. Our onboarding process includes expert assistance and training for staff.

    Hippo Manager is simple to learn. Most users are fully trained in less than three hours.

    “It can grow with us which is great feature! We love how easy it is to use and customize.”

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