Hippo Manager Veterinary Software Consultation

    Grow your practice, help your patients THRIVE with a great practice management software behind you.

    Practice medicine your way with Hippo Manager. Your workflow should fit your patient’s needs first, not be designed around your veterinary software. Hippo Manager offers a simple layout that you’ll find easy-to-use because of the flexibility and customization options. You don’t need to sacrifice your favorite tools. Your practice can integrate from an array of best in class client communication tools, labs, payment processors and more.

    Being good for veterinarians and good for the patient also means it’s good for your business. You will improve profitability through more captured charges, reduced errors, automation of tasks and time savings.

    Hippo Manager is the Right Choice for …

    Small Animal
    Large Animal
    Educational Institutions


    Mobile friendly for field work + customized treatment sheets and chart templates correctly capture charges

    Small Animal

    Small Animal Veterinary Software, Simple Pricing, Superior Support

    Practice management software that puts the veterinarian at the center of all decisions.


    Large Animal

    Veterinary Software for Large Animal Practices

    Access anywhere + optimized for mobile practices for field work. Customizable scheduler and charting templates for large animal veterinary practices. Use the text to pay and accept payment remotely with fewer steps.



    Integrated + High Performing Veterinary Hospital Management Software

    Integrates with your tools + robust enterprise reporting. Access to API for additional data analysis across practices



    Hippo Manager + Non-Profit/Community Animal Programs

    Customizable options that work perfectly for high volume spay/neuter and SPCA. Unlimited data, unlimited patients and unlimited additional staff keeps you from being penalizing for high volume!



    Cloud Veterinary Practice Management that’s Made for Mobile

    Access anywhere + optimized for mobile practices for field work. Use the text to pay and accept payment remotely with fewer steps.



    Specialty Veterinary Software

    Integrate with your favorite tools + customizable treatment sheets and charting templates to save time and correctly capture charges



    Veterinary Software for Canadian Practices

    Supports multiple languages + highly adaptable. Data security is our highest priority. Learn more about how we adhere to best-practices and regulations in Canada and internationally.


    Educational Institutions

    Veterinary Software for Educational Institution

    Learn how our education partners use Hippo Manager to provide students access for remote learning in practice and graded environments. Online and live training for students included in price!


    Hippo Manager Veterinary Software Solutions

    Everything You Need, In One Place

    Run your entire practice from one single stop by taking advantage of more features and integrations than any product on the market. As a cloud-based product, you’ll love getting enhancements and new integrations with no downtime.

    • Inventory Management
    • Invoicing/Billing
    • Reporting
    • Scheduling
    • Patient Portal and In-App Email, Texting
    • Medical Records/SOAP with robust charting templates for automation
    • Whiteboard
    • DICOM View and Medical Imaging
    • Laboratory Diagnostics
    • Client communication tools, labs and payment processing
    Hippo Manager Cloud Veterinary Software

    Cloud Based Veterinary Software

    Hippo Manager is a cloud-based veterinary practice management software, which means you store data and access your software using an internet connection. This model replaces the cost of owning and maintaining a server in your hospital and eliminates the need to perform nightly backups and disruptions for updates. Enhancements and new features are added automatically, and you can access your patient records, schedule and tools from the field, at home or during parking lot check-ins – anywhere with internet access!

    Hippo Manager is the largest independently-owned, cloud-based, veterinary practice management software provider in the United States

    You have a true business partnership with us.

    • New features are driven by your feedback and needs. We focus on continuous improvement and rapid feature release, with no downtime for backups or disruptions for maintenance.
    • Take advantage of our 24-7 U.S. based support, live training and online learning management system, all included in your monthly subscription price.
    • Our pricing is transparent and simple.  $119 per month, per full time veterinarian. No extra charges for additional staff, data storage, back-ups or training.
    • On average, practices see 22% revenue growth in their first year with Hippo Manager (industry growth is 4%).  Curious why?

    Your data belongs to your practice, and is an asset worth protecting.

    • Our name is a nod to the HIPPA compliance standard. Hippo Manager holds veterinary data to the same standard of privacy and security as human medical records.
    • Your data isn’t monetized by us, used it without explicit permission or held hostage in the unlikely event that you leave.
    • Veterinary software is our only business, so we are laser-focused on providing the most robust, flexible and collaborative product on the market.
    Hippo Manager Veterinary Software Wireless Devices

    Use Your Existing Devices!

    Our veterinary software has been optimized for mobility and touch screens of all makes and models.

    Hippo Manager is not dependent on your iPad or Tablet version like apps can be, use Hippo Manager with the Google Chrome (or, Safari for Apple devices) app and access Hippo Manager from anywhere, without needing to update an app or a version of your device.

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