Streamline operations and deliver best in class care with Whiteboard.

    Veterinary Software Whiteboard

    Save Time with Whiteboard

    One-click access to treatment sheets, chart notes, medications and vaccines to efficiently move patients through your practice.

    Treatments are automatically documented, charges are simultaneously captured and you always have eyes on patient care flow.


    Real-time Status of Your Practice

    Real-time Status of Your Practice

    • Display whiteboard on TVs or monitors throughout your hospital – refreshes automatically!
    • Keep it open on a separate tab or second monitor at your computer workstations
    • Remotely check in on your practice 
    Veterinary Workstation Front Desk Staff


    From checking patients in, to updating patient staus and delivering treatments with ease Hippo has the training materials you need. 

    A comprehensive How To Checklist is available in app from the Hippo Help Center.

    And the Training Team is just an email away.

    See for yourself why Hippo has become a go-to solution for veterinary professionals seeking to increase efficiency and capture more charges.


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