Intuitive, Built-in DICOM Viewer

    You can access your patient records, including DICOM images, no matter if you are working from home, the parking lot or the exam room. Our DICOM viewer is included in the price of your subscription and we provide you with unlimited storage for simple and transparent pricing.

    Hippo Manager DICOM Viewer

    Save time – this is Designed for Veterinarian Work Flow

    Spend more time with your patients.  There is no need for an additional PACS solution that would require you to navigate between between two systems.  Our built-in DICOM viewer means your imaging files are seamlessly included in the patient record.  View all three panels without third-party applications, and securely upload images, videos and audio files to the patient record for more comprehensive documentation.

    Hippo Manager Medical Imaging - DICOM Icon

    Unlimited Image Storage and Veterinary PACS

    X-rays and other digital images are automatically stored and synchronized within Hippo Manager. You can upload hundreds of files types, including DICOM files without needing any other third-party applications.  Best of all, you have unlimited storage included in the price of your subscription.