Functionality that Works for You

    Keep the work from piling up on you. In just a few clicks, the medications widget allows for easier prescribing and refilling. You can add and dispense medications through the patient chart, from the sales register and more.  Keep your inventory up to date and print labels easily without double entry.  The robust prescription reporting helps you to stay in line with your state requirements without keeping extra logs.

    Hippo Manager Electronically Sign Medications

    Electronically Sign Medications

    Electronically sign prescriptions to go paperless in your veterinary practice. Signed and un-signed medications are tracked automatically in controlled substance log documentation. This just one of the great features we’ve included in this powerful tool.

    Hippo Manager Medications

    Easily Refill From Multiple Screens
    Refill a medication or, dispense from the sales register, charting screen and medications widget. Edit an existing prescribed medication from any of the medications locations.

    New Medications Log Tracks All Changes
    The medications log tracks all changes made to the patient medication. Sign and un-sign medications, update quantities and refill. All visible on the new medications log section.

    Add to Existing Invoice or New Invoice
    You have greater control over how you bill refilled medications and new prescriptions. Easily toggle between existing or new invoices to provide greater billing and payment clarity with prescribed medications.

    See for Yourself

    Veterinarians from every state in the U.S. and more than 20 countries have implemented Hippo Manager to improve the profitability of their veterinary practice through more captured charges and time savings.


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