Vet Tech Student Mobile Veterinary Software

    Cost Effective and Remote Access

    Veterinary Software for Educational Institutions that is accessible from anywhere. Hippo Manager is now offering simple vet school software pricing.

    Veterinary Software Caduceus

    Real Practice Experience

    Save time and process grades faster. Veterinary educators and faculty members love having both Practice and Graded Environments for students.

    Veterinary Workstation Front Desk Staff

    Unlimited Training at No Extra Cost

    Low price includes online and live training for students

    At Hippo Manager we work for our partner practices, not the other way around, by supporting workflows instead of dictating them. This means our development plan is driven by customer feedback and needs with a focus on continuous improvement

    This is why we are proud to share that we are currently 100% focused on delivering a newly revamped platform for our current users in 2022.

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