Unlimited Staff Training at No Extra Cost

    Online and live training are always free. With our veterinary hospital software new staff members can quickly get up to speed.

    Veterinary Hospital Management Software Schedule

    Easy Access Your Veterinary Hospital Scheduling Software Anywhere

    Access schedule and patient records across multi-location veterinary practices. There is no need to log out.

    Hippo Manager Integrations

    Quality Integrations and Reporting

    Robust API allows integration with best-in-class lab and communication partners and in-house data analysis tools. Detailed inventory and financial reporting in customized dashboard so you know the pulse of each location all from our veterinary hospital management software.

    At Hippo Manager we work for our partner practices, not the other way around, by supporting workflows instead of dictating them. This means our development plan is driven by customer feedback and needs with a focus on continuous improvement

    This is why we are proud to share that we are currently 100% focused on delivering a newly revamped platform for our current users in 2023.

    We welcome the opportunity to serve your practice in the new year. Complete the form to stay up to date with Hippo happenings.

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