CSR Skill Building

    Calling all Customer Service Representatives!!!

    It takes a village to run a veterinary practice and Hippo knows while every team member is invaluable, not everyone contributes in the same way. That is why the  entire Hippo Manager Learning Library contains content tailored by role. No having to fastforward through learning materials to find what is actually applicable to you!

    Hippo offers learning resources specific to Customer Service Representatives (CSRs), Inventory Managers, Practice Managers, Technician & Assistants and Veterinarians' roles. Resources include a general Onboarding video walkthrough series as well as the more in-depth Skill Building packages.

    And we are thrilled to announce that the latest addition to our Learning Library is Skill Building for Customer Service Representatives.

    This Learning Path includes:

     📖15 courses (including 1 Learning Path Assessment)

    🔖93 modules

    📺Short video tutorials

    🤖Interactive Simulations 

    👓Knowedge Checks

    🆘Help Center links

    All designed to build on the video walkthrough series and empower CSRs!

    Best in class training around an intuitively designed platform, is the secret sauce for how Hippo Manager partner practices are able to onboard so easily. New user? Old user? Jack/Jill of all traders? Just want to learn more? The Hippo Manager Training Team has what you need.

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