Embracing Diversity and Collaboration: How Aspiritech's Partnership Transformed Hippo Manager's Veterinary Software Development

    Ever wondered what it takes for a company to consistently deliver platform improvements? At Hippo Manager, the answer lies in the power of collaboration and embracing diversity.

    It's not just the work of a single individual or a small team that propels Hippo forward; it's a whole village of dedicated individuals working together towards a common goal.

    The quality assurance testing team is particularly of note and made possible through our partnership with Aspiritech, a pioneering organization specializing in software testing and quality assurance, comprised of over 90% autistic individuals. This talented team, led by the #actuallyautistic Project Manager, Brad Burton, has played a pivotal role in elevating Hippo's testing cycle to new heights.

    Thanks our the collaboration with Aspiritech, Hippo Manager has delivered significant advancements to the platform since early 2022. Aspiritech's unique insights, attention to detail, and dedication continue to help improve our software's reliability, efficiency, and overall user experience. 

    And they are a sheer joy to work with. More than just delivering technical improvements, our collaboration has had a profound  impact on both organizations. Hippo Manager has not only gained a robust testing team but also a deeper understanding and appreciation for neurodiversity and the incredible capabilities of autistic individuals.

    The success achieved through the collaboration with Aspiritech has only strengthened our resolve to continue refining the platform to continue to meet our customers' ever evolving needs. 

    We hope the journey of Hippo Manager and Aspiritech is an inspiring example of what can be achieved through dedication, collaboration, and embracing diversity.

    If you're interested in exploring the transformative impact of this partnership on veterinary software development, please click the button below to download our case study.

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