Practice Managers, all you need to be a Hippo Hero in your practice

    The pinnacle Path has arrived!!! The Training team is proud to present their newest Skill Building Learning Path, just for Practice Managers.

    This Path is designed to build on the Practice Management Role-Based Walkthrough Series and empower practice managers to become Hippo Heroes in their practices.

    The Path contains:

     📖25 courses (including 1 Learning Path Assessment)

    🔖147 modules

    📺Short video tutorials

    🤖Interactive Simulations 

    👓Knowedge Checks

    🆘Help Center links

    Topics include user settings, patient reserve breakdown, search/change patients, create/edit patient and owner accounts, up/download patient record history, patient chart, controlled substances, patient vaccines and certificates, medications, signing/finalizing patient charts and prescriptions, invoices and transaction history, deposits/refunds/account credits/gift cards, client statements, scheduling, whiteboard and treatments sheets, digital communication tools, managing users, reminders, online pharmacy codes, receiving plus advanced account and transaction management.

    Log in today to begin your learning journey! The Practice Manager Learning Path is only available to those who have been assigned. Need some assigned? The Training team is standing by:

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