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    At Hippo Manager, we prioritize the success and satisfaction of our valued customers. To uphold this commitment, we are thrilled to share our Customer Success - Service Level Agreement (SLA). This agreement outlines the measures we take to ensure exceptional support for our partner practices.

    Support Hours & Coverage

    Timely support is crucial and this is why we are now pleased to offer even longer support hours:

    • Live Chat Support Hours: Monday-Friday 9AM - 8PM EST
    • Phone & Email Support Hours: Monday-Friday 9AM - 5PM EST

    Live Chat Response

    Hippo's in-app live chat feature is the ideal platform for contacting our dedicated Customer Success team. We know how busy you are aim to provide prompt responses.

    • Maximum Wait Time: 2 minutes
    • Current Average Response Time: 1 minute

    For more complex inqueries, such as custom reports or escalated bug reports, we convert those into support tickets. And you can expect an update within 48 hours.

    After-hours chat submissions are automatically be converted into support tickets so the customer success team can respond as promptly as possible. If a chat is received before 9 am EST you can expect a response that same day. If submitted after 8 pm EST a respnse will be provided the next business day.

    Email Response

    We handle support tickets received via email as promptly as possible and adhering to their urgency and priority levels. 

    • Urgent Tickets: Response within 15 minutes (performance-related issues resulting in work stoppages)
    • High Priority Tickets: Response within 30 minutes (non-outage related, but critical issues such as controlled substance/financial reporting errors, email verifications, and log-in errors)
    • Normal Priority Tickets: Response within 1 business hour (non-urgent questions and requests such as merge requests, signature uploads, database reporting requests, and general product questions)
    • Tickets taking longer than 48 hours to resolve will receive periodic updates every 3-5 business days until the issue is resolved.

    Phone Coverage

    While we encourage the use of live chat and email for most inquiries, we reserve phone support for urgent matters. If you are unable to reach an agent on your first attempt, we recommend submitting your question via live chat. Alternatively, you can choose to leave a voicemail by pressing 2, which will automatically convert your message into a support ticket.

    • Voicemails left before 9 am EST can expect a response on the same business day.
    • Voicemails left after 8 pm EST can expect a response on the next business day.

    System Status Updates

    To keep you informed in case of any service slowdowns, we provide a System Status link on both the Hippo login page and This ensures transparency and enables you to stay updated on any system-related issues.

    At Hippo Manager we know the success of our partner practices is integral to our success. It is a priviledge to serve veterinary team members daily and we hope this SLA demonstrates our commitment to delivering the best customer experience possible. 

    Warm regards,

    The Hippo Manager Customer Success Team

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