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    Practice Managers, all you need to be a Hippo Hero in your practice

    The pinnacle Path has arrived!!! The Training team is proud to present their newest Skill Building Learning Path, just for Practice Managers.

    Fall Newsletter


    Webinar Alert - The Future of AI in Vet Med

    What the application of Articial Intelligence can mean to veterinary medicine is both a topic of interest as well as an area of focus for the Hippo Manager team.

    Veterinarians, Hippo is taking your Learning to New Heights

    No learner left behind here at Hippo Manager!! The Training team is proud to present their newest Skill Building Learning Path, just for Veterinarians.

    Breaking News for Veterinary Technicians and Assistants

    The Hippo Manager Training Team has done it again! In the Hippo Learning Library there is a brand new Learning Path, full of all things Hippo that a Veterinary Technician or Assistant needs to know.

    Embracing Diversity and Collaboration: How Aspiritech's Partnership Transformed Hippo Manager's Veterinary Software Development

    Ever wondered what it takes for a company to consistently deliver platform improvements? At Hippo Manager, the answer lies in the power of collaboration and embracing diversity.

    Calling all Customer Service Representatives!!!

    It takes a village to run a veterinary practice and Hippo knows while every team member is invaluable, not everyone contributes in the same way. That is why the entire Hippo Manager Learning Library

    Happy Fourth of July from Hippo Manager

    Parasite Prevention Toolkit

    With summer getting into full swing, it's more important than ever to remind clients of parasite prevention best practices. To help, our partners LifeLearn Animal Health have published a FREE

    Together We THRIVE

    At Hippo Manager, we prioritize the success and satisfaction of our valued customers. To uphold this commitment, we are thrilled to share our Customer Success - Service Level Agreement (SLA). This

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