Custom Chart Templates


    Build custom chart templates inside Hippo Manager veterinary software, saving you valuable time!  Custom chart templates are perfect for all veterinary practices and can be customized to suit a practice’s specific needs. Custom chart templates can be built with one-on-one training from our support team and training staff at Hippo Manager and via staff members at your practice who have completed the training.  Once you’ve customized your first chart template, you’re ready to create as many as your practice needs!

    Custom Chart Templates – For the Specialty Clinic (& more!)

    Custom chart templates for speciality vets like, acupuncture, high volume spay and neuter, eastern medicine, hydrotherapy and specialty practices and veterinarians who see high value clients in the field – can be created in just minutes and used in minutes!  Utilizing dynamic tags, all the cumbersome text from repetitive examinations or visits is built in and all that needs to be updated per patient are number specifics like weight, injury location, sutures etc..

    Watch this brief video that includes a walk-thru with instructions on how to create your own custom chart template, then, give our team a call with any questions – 877 819 0159



    Administering arthritic pain examinations as part of your care for elderly pets?  Customize your chart templates inside Hippo Manager, get the most out of your partner veterinary software with built in features like this, saving your practice time.  Book a training appointment today to learn how to build your own!

    custom chart templates veterinary software

    Build Custom Chart Templates – TODAY!

    Hippo Manager makes it easy through our online learning courses, custom training sessions, dedicated support team and account managers.  Locate the help you need online, anytime through the Hippo Manager software program, online or via phone.

    Loved learning about custom chart templates? Join our next, always free and open to all online training webinar and get to know how to manage client and patient records avoiding duplicates, correcting file errors and more!  Click here to join our upcoming online training sessions.

    Hippo Manager is providing our partner practices with software that is always offering feature upgrades, additions and more – reducing clicks and saving practices time.  If you’re not part of a partnership with your cloud veterinary software that offers unlimited training, support, data storage, patients and users for one low price per month, learn more about Hippo Manager is a RISK FREE, no-obligations TRIAL today.  Compare us alongside your current provider and see how Hippo Manager is industry leading in time saving techniques and overhead investment email or call us.

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