Quicklinks – create your custom toolbar in Hippo Manager

    Create your custom toolbar in Hippo Manager using Quicklinks!  Quicklinks is a toolbar or, menu bar, that is customizable and visible to our veterinary software users in three main screens:

    • Scheduler
    • Patient (utilize widgets for a deeper view in this screen)
    • Charts

    The quicklinks toolbar enables users to get to areas of Hippo Manager frequently used, according to a particular job function, without leaving the screen to view the “Choose Action” (homepage) screen.  Quicklinks reduces your clicks in Hippo Manager making your software experience as effortless and efficient as possible.  Veterinary software that’s a seamless part of your patient care?  See how we do it!

    How do I create my custom toolbar with Quicklinks?

    Watch the video here, or, below.

    View your quicklinks custom toolbar by going to the scheduler screen, patient or, charts screen and click the push pin button at the bottom of the page.  Choose the “settings” button and drag and drop widgets that the user wants to easily navigate to.  The quicklinks toolbar can be customized for each user in Hippo Manager and will be available only to that user, in that customized format.

    quicklinks custom toolbar in hippo manager



    Customize your quicklinks in the “chart” section of Hippo Manager, it will take effect for all areas of the software where quicklinks appear.


    Once the quicklinks toolbar has ben customized, that particular user view will be visible in all the main screens, scheduler, patient info and charts.  Easily update/change the layout by moving the widgets around in different order and remove or add, as needed.  Reduce your clicks in Hippo Manager veterinary software, the way YOU want to!



    Customizable Veterinary Software?

    You bet! (get your free trial here!)

    Customizing your quicklinks toolbar also opens the formatting pop-up that enables widget settings in the patient info screen, where there is more room to view all the available widgets at a glance.  Quickly and easily scan more patient info using the widgets area and customize your user view in Hippo Manager.

    customizing your quicklinks toolbar

    The quicklinks custom toolbar is just another example of how Hippo Manager is focused on streamlining your veterinary business with veterinary practice management software that works well at your busy practice.  Every subscription comes with unlimited training, service and support, data storage, users and patients.  Start a no-obligations free trial today, click here.

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