Customize Your User Experience

    Customize your user experience in Hippo Manager, get to what you do most, every day at your veterinary clinic, faster.  Customizing your veterinary practice management software is an important feature to have, enabling your veterinary practice to streamline operations and make business functions as efficient as possible. In the below article we will illustrate how you can customize the user and veterinary practice experience in Hippo Manager, check out some graphical examples and watch the short video below!

    Why Should I Choose a Customizable Cloud Veterinary Software?

    Customizing helps individuals and businesses streamline personal and operational functions to better achieve results.  Customization is a measurable way of seeing how procedures functioned before customization to, after, showing an improvement in time, accuracy etc.  When you think about it, your morning routine is customized best to suit your needs so that you can get ready in the right amount of time, get out the door and into work on time ready to begin a successful day.  It works the same for veterinary software!  It’s important to utilize a veterinary software that can be customized to suit your job functions as well as your veterinary practice needs.  Hippo Manager can be customized to suit the practice and the interface for each user as well. Get started for FREE today!

    customize appointment scheduler


    Hippo Manager appointment scheduler BEFORE customization.

    customize your user experience


    Veterinary practice appointment scheduler as customized to suit that practice – see what you need to know about patient care, they way YOU WANT.

    Is your veterinary practice a specialty (TCM/Eastern Medicine), a high volume clinic, a mobile practice or even grooming service?  If yes, to any of those, you’d want a veterinary software that is customizable to suit your needs!  Any kind of veterinary practice should want a practice management software that can be customized to suit their needs and Hippo Manager is that veterinary practice management solution!

    Take a look at our most recent webinar on how to customize your user experience in Hippo Manager, watch now.

    What Areas Can I Customize?

    Many elements of Hippo Manager can be customized at the practice level (great for multi-locations that might perform different operational functions at the different locations) as well as at the user level so each job description to get to areas of the software that suit their day-to-day duties, faster.

    Your veterinary practice can customize reports in Hippo Manager, the appointment scheduler, chart templates, forms and homepage screen layouts.  Individual users can customize their user experience as it suits what they need to accomplish every day in the veterinary practice.

    customize veterinary software


    Homepage/ Choose Action screen customized for the veterinarian.

    custom form veterinary practice software


    A mock custom form pre-loaded for Hippo Manager veterinary practice partner

    Our customizable veterinary software was built from the ground up to adapt to all veterinary practice specialities and sizes.  Hippo Manager is focused on making your veterinary practice efficient, focusing on patient care and working with a practice management software that gets your volumes up, profits higher and business functions seamless.  Get started in Hippo Manager for free today, click now to use all your existing equipment, no need to purchase anything new.  877 819 0159 or email us:

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