Email Reminders – increase client loyalty

    Email reminders are built-into our veterinary software and available on an unlimited, free-of-charge basis to all our practice partners.  Utilize email reminders in Hippo Manager to increase client loyalty, reduce no-shows and drive profits!

    In this article, we’ll show you exactly how to create email reminders in our veterinary software, implement them to increase client loyalty and include other ways to really round out your client loyalty plan at your veterinary practice.  Use an integrated marketing approach, combine email reminders with mailed postcard reminders, detailed reporting, such as provider production reports and call back lists – these are a great way to ensure you’re doing everything you can to retain customers and drive profit.  Combining these elements (available inside Hippo Manager!) are a proven way to reduce no-shows, increase client loyalty and drive profits at your veterinary practice.

    Email Reminders – how to build and implement

    In this step-by-step video tutorial, you’ll see that adding email reminders for wellness visits, vaccinations, post-surgery check-ins and more, is easy to do inside Hippo Manager.  Watch the video and begin scheduling email reminders to your clients in bulk or, individually to help reduce no-shows and increase your veterinary client loyalty.



    Using Email Reminders to Increase Veterinary Client Loyalty

    Get more veterinary client repeat visits with a proven integrated marketing strategy that includes built-in email reminders, mailed postcard reminders and call back lists directly from within Hippo Manager veterinary software.  It’s a proven strategy, that when a client hears from the veterinary practice more often, in a strategic way, that client is more likely to interact with the practice, have a higher appointment compliancy rate and have higher satisfaction, therefore resulting in repeat visits  – diving profit at your veterinary practice!

    veterinary software with email reminders

    Increase Veterinary Client Loyalty

    Email reminders are a great way to ensure that you’re communicating with your client base, whether it be for upcoming appointments, vaccination reminders, or, post-visit check-ins.  Email reminders, when paired with a call back list, adds the personal touch when looking to increase your veterinary client repeat visits.  Emailing a client regarding an upcoming appointment, combined with calling that particular client is proven in reaching a higher appointment compliancy rate, meeting those veterinary industry benchmarks.  See how easy it is to generate a call back list in Hippo Manager to drive those profits and increase those client repeat visits!



    Email reminders are built-in to our veterinary software platform in Hippo Manager, providing our veterinary practice partners an efficient way to conduct their business while providing optimal patient care.  Hippo Manager always offers a free trial, see how this combination method can help you land and keep those veterinary clients and repeat visits driving profits at your practice!  Call us today to get started now.  Click here to learn more about our mailed reminder postcards and to start a free trial.

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