Zoetis Integration

    Hippo Manager now connects with Zoetis VETSCAN® FUSE

    Integration of New Hippo Manager and Zoetis Tools Instantly Connect Lab Results to Patient Records

    Veterinary solutions leader Hippo Manager today announced a new integration partnership with Zoetis, the world leader in animal health, which improves workflow for veterinarians by seamlessly connecting lab results to practice management software.

    Through a secure Application Programming Interface (API), users can integrate their Hippo Manager application to Zoetis’ VETSCAN® FUSE. The integration allows veterinary professionals to quickly access their Zoetis diagnostic test results and upload those results to the patient’s medical record in HIPPO Manager. This removes the need to manually download files to save, or drag and drop results, which dramatically reduces the potential for errors or missing records. The two-way sync helps veterinary practices reconcile labs with patient files automatically, ensuring patient records are up-to-date and easily accessible.

    “Our software gives veterinarians and their teams full connection and real-time access to the Zoetis diagnostics lab results they need, right where it should be - within the pet’s medical record. No extra clicks, no time-consuming steps to upload or save the results, no drag and drops,” said Sam Razor, CEO of Hippo Manager.

    The integration works through VETSCAN FUSE®, a bidirectional communication system that enables seamless workflow integration between Hippo Manager and Zoetis VETSCAN® point-of-care diagnostic instruments for better connection between practice and laboratory.

    “Veterinary clinics are not office environments, so we must put the veterinary professional’s workflow at the forefront of design. This new integration is another step forward in our strategy to connect practice management software with the best-in-class tools so veterinarians can practice medicine the way they chose.” said Razor.

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