Your PIMS: How To Lock In A Low Rate Longer

    Yes!  It is possible to lock in a low rate with your practice management software company, for longer! Hippo Manager Veterinary Practice Management Software offers our clients the ability to lock in the low monthly rate of $60 per vet for the length of the contract.

    Not only does the low rate stay locked for that time period, when your veterinary practice is ready to re-sign a new contract with Hippo Manager, your low monthly rate can never increase by more than 10% for your next contract period.  Easy!  Lock in a low rate, longer, with your PMS and Hippo Manager!

    How does it work?

    So, your veterinary practice is ready to look at a new software solution and you’ve found Hippo Manager to be not only, highly rated on Capterra, but also, offers the most affordable competitive pricing structure on the PMS marketplace.

    1. Secure your FREE demo today.  Hippo Manager can schedule same day, after hours and even on weekends demos for our clients.  It takes only 20 minutes and we can tailor the length of the demo and the content to your specific veterinary practice needs.
    2. After your FREE demo, Hippo Manager sets up another FREE 14 day trial of the practice management software.  Your veterinary practice can conduct business using Hippo Manager for FREE for 14 days as if you were really already a paying client. Hippo Manager takes no payment information until you are ready to sign a contract, so it isn’t one of those “as seen on TV risk free, pay for shipping and handling” tricks.  It is truly a FREE 14 days use of Hippo Manager software.
    3. Set up FREE, scheduled at your convenience, training sessions for your practice staff.  Learn all about using Hippo Manager for your veterinary practice management needs.  Start creating your custom chart templates and adding patients.  Work with Hippo Manager experts during one-on-one customized training sessions.
    4. Decide the length of your contract with Hippo Manager and your veterinary practice.  1 year, 2 year, 5 year, even 10 year!  Lock in $60 per vet, per month NOW for as many years as your contract exists.
    5. Enjoy a locked in low rate with your PMS as Hippo Manager, for years.  Never worry about price hikes or added costs associated with data, tech support or patient limits.
    Let’s show you how it’s done:

    Now, check out the below example case study as a possible example, we’ll show you exactly how one practice can save over $1,000!

    vet with low rate practice software

    Example Low Rate Lock-In Scenario:
    • Sign a 5 year contract with Hippo Manager at $60 per month for your 1 vet clinic.  That’s $60 x 12months = $720 x 5 years = $3,600
    • There are NO other fees.  Ever.  No patient limits, no data storage limits, no tech support hour limits, nothing.  Just $60 per month per vet. What if Hippo Manager increases the base price?  Keep reading!
    • Say, Hippo Manager prices increase to $75 after two years in your five year contract.  As they say in Jamaica, “No Problem, Mon!”.  Your price doesn’t change regardless of pricing structure changes for new Hippo Manager clients.  Your veterinary practice is still with management software that will be $60 for the remainder three years of your contract.
    • Close to the end of your five year contract you still just love everything about Hippo Manager as your PMS and you want to lock in your low rate for another five years.  Now, remember, our pricing has increased to $75 (in this hypothetical scenario).  Your veterinary practice new five year contract can ONLY increase by 10%, even though the monthly pricing has gone up to $75 per month per vet.  So, for the next additional five years of your new five year contract, your PMS price is only $66 per month, per vet.

    By partnering with Hippo Manager for longer, your veterinary practice has saved over $1,000.  Lock in your low rate with Hippo Manager as your PMS, today.  Request your free demo here, or click here to find out more about our FREE 14 day trial. or, 877-819-0159

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