Measuring Multi-Unit Veterinary Provider Performance


    Learn how to easily track and measure multi-unit veterinary provider performance in Hippo Manager using the built-in reports. Getting a handle on multiple providers and their production can be tricky. However, using the graphical output and detailed performance reports in Hippo Manager makes tracking and measuring a breeze! Compensate providers with confidence using the detailed performance reports that breakdown production growth over a specific period.

    measuring veterinary multi-unit provider production performanceMeasuring Multi-Unit Veterinary Provider Performance

    The Provider performance tracker reports provide new ways for practices to assess the performance of their care providers. This can be done in terms of sales revenue, patients treated, customers served, and more. Furthermore, multi-unit provider performance can be done either individually or on a provider team basis. This multi-unit tracker report contains all of the same metrics as the practice performance racker report, plus additional NEW metrics.

    No matter how your veterinary hospital chooses to compensate providers, it’s simple to get the breakdown on performance for each category and the individual provider. The performance report is critical to managing large-scale veterinary businesses and hospitals. Managing large staff and differing services can be challenging. However, tracking and measuring their performance is made easy in Hippo Manager.

    Take a look at how Hippo Manager works with large veterinary hospitals and multi-unit practices, here.

    veterinary provider production performance report screen

    Hippo-Manager has built-in features that are designed to make managing large hospitals and multi-unit practices simple.

    The provider production performance report is just one of those!

    Veterinary Provider Performance Reports

    There are two types of provider performance reports that can be run comparing multi-unit practices in Hippo Manager.  Individual provider performance and team performance. Track either individual or provider teams using the core performance tracker reports. Similarly, it’s possible to breakdown each performance by month, quarter and year via individual or team statistics. Therefore, it’s easy to understand quickly those that are meeting goals or areas that need improvement with the quick-output graphical reports.

    measuring veterinary multi-uni provider production performance graph report

    How to Use Provider Performance Reports

    Achieve goals and improve upon KPIs (key performance indicators) with the core practice performance, new client growth and provider production report in Hippo. Also, manage and grow revenue at large veterinary hospitals easily using the same veterinary PiMS platform. Hippo Manager includes out-of-the-box functionalities that boost performance and improve profits at multi-unit practices.

    Built-in performance reports can provide a 5,000ft view of the health of large hospitals as well as in-depth detail on providers, pricing and more.

    Key Metrics Available in the Provider Performance Tracker

    All key metrics as described below include completed and open sales, where relevant. Understand provider performance across multi-units using the built-in reports that run in SECONDS. As a result, it’s possible to pull the individual or team performance reports per location and measure against industry benchmarks.

    1) Measure & Track Previous Year Revenue Alongside Current Year Revenue: 
    • Total sales revenue in a given time frame for the previous year (prior to that selected)
    • Completed and open Sales 
    • Total sales revenue in a given time frame
    • Percentage and ratio growth
    2) Track Procedures & Inventory for Current Year
    • Total sales revenue resulting from procedures or inventory performed
    3) Cost of Goods Sold (COG) Revenue & Percentage for Current Year
    • Total sales revenue resulting from the cost of goods sold 
    • Percentage of COG revenue generated 
    Hippo Manager veterinary hospital management software
    4) Previous Year & Current Year Patients
    • Sum of unique patients that received treatment resulting in a sale
    5) Ratio Patient Growth & New Clients
    • Percentage of growth (or decline) in unique patients that received treatment resulting in a sale 
    • Number of new pet owners who registered with the organization and processed a sale per multi-unit location
    • Previous year new clients are available for review in the associated graph included in the report
    6) Average Provider, Procedure & Inventory Charge
    • The average amount of sales processed for a provider, procedure sales and inventory sales, run by a provider

    Choosing a veterinary PiMS that’s right for a large hospital with multiple locations and large staff is simplified using this checklist. Furthermore, it’s important to cover the key features of a PiMS partner like data privacy, customer service and support with Hippo Manager.

    veterinary hospital management software lab exam table

    Understand how Hippo Manager can go to work for your multi-unit veterinary practice or hospital. Get up and running with better efficiencies on ONE PiMS platform and utilize key performance reports that can be generated in one click. Call or text 877 819 0159 or email our team here:

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