New Veterinary Management System For 2017

    Is a new Veterinary Management System on your to-do list for 2017?  You could be considering a big move from old fashioned server based veterinary practice management software to, the more efficient and cloud based PMS like, Hippo Manager.  Whether you’re looking for a change, or, looking to take the first steps towards making your veterinary practice more profitable in 2017 by choosing a PMS partner – we’re here to help.

    Why switch from served based to a cloud based veterinary management system?

    It’s the same reason why Blockbuster no longer exists, but Netflix does, in it’s place.  Server based systems are antiquated and updates are tedious and often just rely on adding to already problematic functions without actually increasing user functionality.  Cloud based PMS are real solutions for today’s flexible and often hectic veterinary life.

    You can take cloud based software with you, anywhere you go, because you don’t need a specific laptop of device to log in to Hippo Manager.  Grab a mobile device with internet connection (it doesn’t even have to be yours!) simply open Google Chrome app or tab, and type in your custom Hippo Manager URL and log in with your credentials SAFELY and SECURELY.

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    A cloud based veterinary management system like Hippo Manager is perfect in 2017 for:

    • Mobile Clinics
    • Speciality Clinics
    • Large Hospitals
    • Multi-Location Facilities
    • Large Vet Practice
    • Relief Vet Practices

    Hippo Manager Cloud-Based Veterinary Practice Management Software

    Regardless of which type of practice your business model fits, Hippo Manager is $60 per vet per month and there are never any charges for number of patients, users, tech support or data storage.

    An investment in cloud based veterinary software is MORE AFFORDABLE than served based software.

    You’ll spend THOUSANDS of $$ on the training, set up, system purchases, possible space issues installing locally served practice management systems.  Not to mention, additional thousands down the line should you need to restore an old hard drive or access back up data in the event of a machine malfunction.

    You won’t ever lose your data with cloud based veterinary management software.  

    Lose your iPad or Andriod tablet?  No problem, your data with Hippo Manager always exists in the cloud and never on your device.  Don’t fret about security with cloud based PMS and Hippo Manager.  Don’t fret about spending thousands of dollars on a new device AND more $$ on getting your data restored.  With Hippo Manager, simply log in to a new device with internet access and your data is still there, safe and secure as always. Call us on 877-819-0159 ext 1 to set up a free trial today.

    Not only will Hippo Manager save you thousands of dollars on installation, set up, maintenance, back up and storage, BUT Hippo Manager saves your practice thousands of dollars each yeah with our ever expanding roster of features and functions built into our PMS that you never need to pay more for!  We keep adding features and our clients keep paying $60 per month per vet!  We’ll post another article on the many ways Hippo Manager cloud based veterinary management software will save you thousands of dollars and make your veterinary practice more profitable in 2017.

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