New York Vet CE - How Software Data Impacts Your Practice


    Looking for great CE at New York Vet this year? With many guest speakers and topics to choose one, we’ve got one that is a MUST ATTEND if you’re a veterinary practice manager or, practice owner.  Sign up for a great lightning talk with our one and only CEO and Founder, Sam Razor!  November 8 at 3:20, join Sam as he presents “Two Truths and One Lie: What do you really know about your practice data?”

    New York Vet Lightning Talk Hippo Manager

    New York Vet Lightning Talk – Software Data & How It Impacts Your Practice

    Understanding how powerful your veterinary software is can be profit changing for your veterinary practice.  Sam will walk you through some simple, immediately actionable steps your practice can take to get a deeper look into your veterinary software and practice performance aside from patient care.

    “Two Truths and One Lie: What do you really know about your practice data?” 

    Data can boost employee morale and build relationships with your client.

    Data can help you solve business problems.

    Data is controlled by IT.

    Which two are true, and which one is false?

    Come join this interactive session (Nov 8, 3:20p EST) to learn the truth about how you can leverage your data to improve patient outcomes, client interactions, business practices and job satisfaction for you and your staff.  You’ll quickly share ideas with peers in this fast-paced session and walk away with at least one new goal that you can immediately try out when you get home.

    Valuable take-aways from this excellent New York Vet lightning talk includes: 
    • Increase awareness of how to use data to improve practices, even with a small staff or limited resources
    • Understand common barriers
    • Make use of existing tools
    • Learn why and how data is valuable, and how to protect their clinic and client information
    • Set one goals for immediate action to use data

    Learn more and sign up to add this exciting talk to your calendar!

    About Hippo Manager at New York Vet

    Hippo Manager will be in booth 852 at New York Vet.  Take a first-hand tour of our veterinary software and walk away with a free trial!  

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    Hippo Manager is the largest independently owned cloud-based veterinary software company in the United States.  Powering veterinary software globally in 19 countries, Hippo Manager is an easy to use and simple to learn full-service practice management software trusted by hundreds of veterinary practices.  Offering a free trial and demo anytime, Hippo Manager is the only veterinary software provider to provide unlimited training, support, data, patients and users alongside beautiful, customizable veterinary software accelerating patient care and optimizing practice business for maximum profits.  877 819 0159

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