October 2019 Free Training Webinars


    You’re going to fall for our October 2019 free training webinars!  Make like a tree and leave the explaining to our training team.  We’ll show you how to sync 2-way with Google calendar so you can see appointments from your phone calendar all while still enjoying your morning coffee at home.  Get to know your key performance indicators and use our extensive tracking to boost revenue and grow profits. Join us, we’ve got some great webinars coming up you’ll fall for!

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    Many of our veterinary practice friends enjoy longer mornings at home and get home faster with Hippo! Start using Google Calendar 2-way sync with Hippo. Know and adjust all appointments on your practice schedule all without logging into Hippo or going to the office! Learn how to use this FREE tool on Tuesday, October 8th. Coming up October 15th learn what your practice KPIs (key performance indicators) are, how to track them and measure them for growth and revenue success!

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    October 2019 Free Training Webinar TOPICS

    Sync Hippo with your Phone Calendar!

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    Tuesday, October 8th 2p EST – Sign Up Here.

    Enjoy your morning coffee at home, in peace and look at your appointment scheduler right from your cell phone calendar!  It’s so easy to set up Google calendar 2-way sync with Hippo Manager, it’s easy and not to mention FREE too! Learn how to set up the sync with your practice calendar so you can view, and edit appointments right from your cell phone from anywhere!

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    Learn how to use our PiMS to reduce paper in the office and save the trees! Cut down on clutter and space both in your office and online in the cloud. Cleaning up your cloud paper will spark joy – we promise!

     october 2019 free training webinar google calendar 2 way sync


    When: Tuesday 10/8 2p EST
    Where: Add it to your calendar! – Sign up here
    How: Set up this FREE tool today and start enjoying longer mornings at home!

    Understanding KPIs and Practice Performance 

    Improve business functions, find ways to boost revenue and meet those industry benchmarks with built-in tools and reports in Hippo.  We’ll show you how to use them to find more $$$

    Tuesday, October 15th 2p EST – Sign Up Here.

    Run core performance reports, see provider production performance and more! Hippo Manager has ALL the built-in reports you need to run a successful business. Understand what’s working and what’s not, great for multi-unit hospitals too!

    Do you know your top five KPIs for your veterinary practice?  Why are they important anyway and what reports can you use to track them?  Our training team will show you everything you need to know about key performance indicators and how to use them to improve revenue.

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    Reports in Hippo Manager are ROBUST and extensive.  They’re the best on the veterinary software market!  Utilize the Tax Breakdown Report to understand multiple tax types and detailed financial reports that position your practice for the best year ever!

    AND we’ll provide you with solutions on how you can IMPROVE Your KPI’s such as:

    Start using text messaging in Hippo Manager to communicate to clients, save tons of staff time (up to 1.5 hours a day) and get a higher response rate than phone callbacks.  Watch Dr. Johnson from Pet2Vet talk about how text messaging in Hippo Manager has made her so happy AND more revenue!

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    When: Tuesday 10/15 2p EST
    Where: Any device, any time – Sign up here
    How: Walk away with your key performance indicators and how to track them for more $$$$

    It’s 10pm. Do you know how your marketing is affecting the bottom line?

    See how well your methods are performing with appointment compliance reports and new client growth reports. Run tools in Hippo Manager and evaluate them, all in Hippo Manager!

    Got questions?  Call or text our team: 877 819 0159 info@hippomanager.com

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