Why Veterinary Care Payment Plans are GREAT for Pet Health


    It’s no secret that most pet parents want the best for their pets and veterinary professionals the same for their patients. So, how do payment plans fit into the scope of providing better patient care and offering better pet health to clients and their pets? Why is veterinary care payment plans an important part of overall pet health?

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    There are many great reasons to offer veterinary care payment plans but none so more important than the benefits they offer pet health. This article will aim to outline how these payment plans benefit both the patient and the practice.

    But first….

    Not All Veterinary Care Payment Plans are Created Equal!

    It’s common knowledge that there are many payment plan options and what seems like a plethora of providers in the veterinary space. Not only are there many, but clients don’t need their veterinary practice to serve as a middle man.  Especially when veterinary care credit can be done at any time, even from their cell phones.

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    However, it is important for veterinary practices to get ahead of this.  Using an integrated payment plan provider in your veterinary practice management software ensures greater control over options for patient care.  Not only that but also better transparency, understanding, and control on the money that changes hands between the practice, client and payment provider.

    Choosing an INTEGRATED veterinary care payment plan provider is an important step in creating a strong environment for optimal pet health and overall better patient care.

    Scratchpay is integrated with Hippo Manager. This is so that practices can confidently offer payment plan solutions to clients in a fashion that provides confidence in the provider.  The Scratchpay integration also gives clients the highest approval rates of any veterinary care credit in the industry.

    How Do Veterinary Care Payment Plans Benefit Pet Health?

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    There are three major advantages to integrated payment plans and the corresponding positive impact on pet health.
    1. Pet care becomes more accessible. Pet parents who might otherwise not be able to seek additional services or, emergency treatment now have the ability to confidently make those decisions. Armed with a payment plan provider, this can be used to get the care they want and their pet needs!
    2. Offering an integrated payment plan like Scratchpay in Hippo enables practices and pet parents to make decisions faster. In an emergency that means life or death for a pet, don’t wait around for next-day approvals. Get instant options into the hands of clients with no hard credit inquiry.
    3. Pets are happier, healthier, for longer. When veterinary care payment plans are an available option for pet parents, additional services are purchased. Pet parents with access to additional financial options return for more visits and can make better decisions involving the health of their pets.hippo manager and scratchpay

    Other Benefits of Veterinary Care Payment Plans

    Veterinary care payment plans, especially those integrated like Scratchpay in Hippo offer many other benefits on top of improved patient care. Enjoy greater control over financial transactions, minimal staff time, improved client loyalty and communication just to name a few. Because, offering payment plans benefits, not just pet health, but also the practice!

    Integrated payment plans provide practices with greater control over how financial transactions impact the client and pet health. Using an integrated service such as Scratchpay in Hippo has many advantages! Practices aren’t controlling multiple payment plan vendors.  Staff also aren’t confused about payments to the practice.

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    Not only that, but multiple clients on multiple payment plans can become cumbersome for staff when it comes to matching up files and accounting. This costs money for the practice in staff time.

    Advantages of Integrated Veterinary Payment Plans

    Minimal staff time. Using integrated payment plans in Hippo Manager means that practices access their custom portal in Scrachpay and can manage everything from one place. Furthermore, the direct integration with the patient and client files in Hippo avoids staff managing multiple providers and payers and keeping track of too much accounting.

    Improved client loyalty and communication. Better relationships exist between the client and the clinic when awkward financial and difficult pet health conversations can be prevented. Scratchpay integrated with Hippo manager means that practices can take these delicate conversations out of the waiting room.

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    Discuss serious matters in the freedom of the exam room, or, from anywhere on any device with Hippo. This makes both the pet and the client more comfortable.

    Scratchpay includes faster payment to the clinic. Next-day ACH transactions occur for any payment plans completed the day before. This means that there are no recurring billing issues with clients. Patient care continues to be the focus of client conversations. Control revenue easier at your practice with Scratchpay in Hippo Manager.

    Confidently offer advanced pet care solutions.  Knowing your practice clients have access to financing options to assist patient care means several things. Practices can present additional, alternative options that might have previously been out of reach.

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