Reflect & Regroup Series #4 - Financials

    Hard to believe we are less than 48 hours away from the dawn of 2022! Thank you so much to everyone who has followed along with this end of year series.

    For this final installment we will walk through making sense of your 2021 dollars and cents using Hippo Manager Software financial reporting.

    I always like to start with the birds eye view and have found that the Graphical - Sales Report really fits the bill.

    If you haven't been running this report quarterly, no worries as it is simple to run for year to date. New Year's resolution perhaps to pull quarterly?

    YTD Sales Snagit

    And hopefully the report it produces will show the hockey stick sort of growth we all strive for. No matter how you performed this is a great starting point to literally see where you ended up versus prior year and any highs or lows you have experienced by week during the last year.

    Sales Summary Graph

    Next let's dive into where those dollars originated from with a by team member perspective using the  DetailedProvider Production report.

    Another report we recommend running at least quarterly throughout the year, but is easy to pull year to date.

    And will provide a by provider summary of items and services rendered.

    To capture the entire ream we recommend the Graphical - Employees report.

    Again, easy to run for the full year.

    And will produce a chart of your sales "pie" and how each team member contributed.

    Sales Team Snagit

    With a good handle on how the team and practice as a whole performed, now is also a great time to look for any dollars that may have been left on the table as outstanding AR. Summary - Aging Summary report is a great place to start to see if any monies are lingering.

    And if they are..

    AR Summary snagit

    The Detailed - Aging report will break out what is owed by invoice.

    And then you can use Detailed - Generate Statements to make sure these clients ring in the new year by making things right with you!

    As they say, death and taxes are the two things you can't avoid! So let's wrap up with a tax summary using the Detailed - Tax Breakdown report.

    This report is also easy to run full year if needed and by location if that is applicable to you:

    And provides you with a complete overview of taxes collected for the time period selected so you can do a quick review of past submissions as well as prepare for your Q4 or end of year filing.

    Tax breakdown snagit

    Again, thank you for joining us on this end of year reflection. Hippo wouldn't be Hippo without the amazing practices we have the privilege of serving. We wish you and yours the very best in 2022!

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