Safe Not Spooky Halloween Pet Tips To Share

    Our vet partners share the best safety tips and advice with their clients year-round for a multitude of situations – over all health and well-being, safety during travel with pets and so much more, so, as Halloween approaches, here are a few Halloween pet tips our vet partners can share with their clients.

    5 Safe NOT Spooky Halloween Pet Tips To Share

    1. If you’re keeping your porch light on for trick-or-treaters this Halloween, keep your pet away from the front door.  Not only could your pet be stressed from the constant stream of strangers to your door, but also, the risk for greeting a pint-sized Iron Man or Princess Sofia with a little too much energy, is high.  Keep your trick or treaters and your pet safe and keep the two separated.

    2. Human candy is not for pets!  This seems like a no-brainer, but hey, these little pieces of not-pet-friendly human treats can be found months later in our own kitchen cabinets so it serves as a good reminder that these Halloween candies are never a treat for our pets or, their digestive tract.

    Safe not spooky Halloween pets tips to share #3:

    If you’re dressing up your pet for October 31st, it might be more fun for you, than her.  So keep it cute, sweet and a special treat by choosing something safe and not putting your pet in discomfort for more than necessary.  Our super pets might be heroes to us but don’t often like dressing like one!

    4. Black cats (and dogs – actually all dark shaded pets!) get a bad rap during Halloween.  If you own any pets that are black or can appear almost black at night, keep them inside and away from the superstitious folk. It’s horrible to think about, so let’s just keep our friends inside and away from the witches and warlocks anyway.

    5. Pet treats are fun to give away on halloween for our four legged trick-or-treaters!  But, be cautious as to handing out your chosen treats to other’s pets.  Be sure to ask the owner if the treat name, brand and ingredients are safe for their pet before giving them out.  Even better, carry the store-bought brand bag with you and grab treats directly from there to help ease any anxious owners and protect sensitive tummies from not-so-great-later pet treats!

    There’s so much more great advice out there on the internet that our vet partners can cultivate and pick the best from, but these are just a few safe not spooky Halloween pet tips to share with your clients. Share away !

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