Unleashing Potential: Hippo's Latest Training Program Enhancements


    Providing a best-in-class customer experience is core to Hippo's mission of empowering veterinary professionals to THRIVE. On demand training is one way we meet teams where they are, to ensure a stress free onboarding and keeping everyone up to date as the platform continues to evolve.

    The training team has worked tirelessly this year and released copious amounts of Help Center as well as Learning Library collateral. Let's run down some of the highlights.

    Year to date, the team has published 54 new Help Center articles bringing the total count to 255! Indexes and Checklists were introduced this year as a way to bring resources together into one article, covering some of the more complex Hippo tasks and practice workflows.

    The team also delivered a complete reorganization of the Help Center recently making navigation easier for users while also providing Hippo with additional data related to what users are looking for, to help guide continued growth.

    In the Litmos Learning Library, the team has created 100 new modules this year! Comprehensive onboarding materials are available for every role in the practice including CSR, Technician, Veterinarian, Practice Manager and Inventory Manager.

    With each Learning Path consisting of a Course (the main objective) broken into bitesized modules (subskills), busy veterinary team members can quickly learn new skills, even when they only have a few minutes to spare.

    Most recently the team unveiled their first Skill Building Learning Path for System Setup and Maintenance.  Skill Building Learning Paths combine video instruction with interactive walkthroughs, catering to every learning style. Work on the CSR Skill Building Path is already underway and expected to deliver the first of August.


    Be sure to stay tuned!

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