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    Announcing our upgraded vaccine widget in V 1.3!  Hippo Manager has developed an update superior to others on the market enabling vaccinations and the record keeping of vaccines simple, saving our PMS clients VALUABLE time.  Hippo Manager users can quickly update and modify a patient vaccination, the history, and associated charge and invoice utilizing one widget, with the latest development update set to roll out this weekend. View our quick start guide – an in-depth look at the upgrade and it’s functionality in one comprehensive document, here.

    January 29 2017, Hippo Manager will roll version 1.3 – that’s a really big deal.  We’ve updated our version order to reflect how big this vaccine widget update really is and what it means to our clients.  When Hippo Manager clients log in on Monday, the home “choose action” screen will look a little different!

    The updated vaccination widget will simplify procedures, allowing users to access vaccinations for a patient using ONE widget and ONE area of Hippo Manager, instead of two.

    Hippo Manager Vaccine Widget

    VERSION with TWO Vaccine Widgets

    NEW Vaccine Widget V 1.3 Screen Shot

    NEW Vaccine Widget V 1.3

    Read our detailed Quick Start Guide on the upgraded Vaccine Widget for full details, here.

    Please read the below information on changes that will appear in Hippo Manager.  This update affects ALL HIPPO MANAGER CLIENTS AND USERS. Because we are cloud based, our software updates are immediate and instantaneous, taking effect the very next time a clinic logs into its personal, safe and secure Hippo Manager account.

    Because this vaccine widget upgrade is going to be so useful for Hippo Manager users, we’re conducting a special one time training that is always FREE and open to all Tuesday January 31, 2pm EST. Can’t make the training?  Contact your client executive, or our support team to get your personalized Q&A/walk through of the new vaccine widget

    Vaccine Widget Upgrade Summary:

    • The “Vaccination Certificate” and “Vaccination History” widgets that currently appear in version will be REMOVED from Hippo Manager January 22nd and replaced with ONE WIDGET “Vaccines”.  The new vaccinations widget will reflect all vaccination history, certificate, charges and records for each patient, Hippo Manager users can access, add, edit and update a patient vaccination within this one widget.
    • The new vaccination widget from version 1.3 in Hippo Manager veterinary practice software enables clients to move effortlessly between chart, certificates and sales register.  The new vaccination widget enables users of most security levels to edit a vaccination lot number, certificate number, quantity/dosage and Doctor.
    • The Hippo Manager vaccination widget is a superior solution for all veterinary practices, mobile vet clinics, SPCA vaccination clinics (such as low cost rabies vaccinations given to many patients during a special event or price point promotion) and hospitals of any size.
    • The Hippo Manager vaccination widget allows users to quickly administer vaccines and generate certificates accordingly.  Easily associate a particular vaccination with an already open invoice, or, new invoice.

    The vaccination widget is a development upgrade in helping our veterinary practice management clients save time through accessing a regularly used feature, as effortlessly as possible.

    Please contact your client executive for any questions your practice might have, or, alternatively call our support team on 877.819.0159 ext 2 M-Sa 8a-8pEST.  You can contact us via and don’t forget, to sign up for the brief 20 minute training to cover how your practice can maximize this upgraded feature.

    Don’t know what it’s like to save time and money with your PMS partner?  Switch to Hippo Manager today and find out!  REQUEST A FREE TRIAL HERE

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