Vaccination Certificate Changes

    Hippo Manager will soon be bringing vaccination certificate changes to clients, updating vaccination certificates to include more information regarding the patient and the vaccine, that will allow the certificates to more closely follow the local requirements of such certificates across the U.S. and Canada.

    When will I see these vaccination certificate changes?

    Look for these changes to take effect mid-October.  Vaccination certificates will look different when the user requests to print or save the certificate as a PDF, there will be sections of the actual certificate that will look more robust and will include detailed information about the patient and that particular vaccine.

    Do I need to load these vaccination certificate changes or request them?

    No! These vaccination certificate changes will be instantaneous (because we’re cloud based and upgrades and additions never cause a stop in work flow or down time!) and will be noticeable when a user at a client practice attempts to generate the certificate for vaccines populated in Hippo Manager.

    Vaccination Certificate Changes

    Avoid a sick pet! Get your vaccinations!

    Hippo Manager is constantly looking for ways to deliver the best possible product to our clients, that’s why we continue to make changes and offer them instantaneously to each client through our cloud based technology.  We’re making these vaccination certificate changes so that the certificates can align more closely with popular local requirements across our client’s territories and our clients are outputting the most up-to-date and compliant features for their patient owners. Included in your contract is unlimited support contact, so, be sure to drop us a line if you have any questions regarding the vaccination certificate changes.

    With any questions related to our systems and software, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team or call 877-819-0159 x2 M-Sa 8a-8pEST to talk to one of our friendly team members about your account.

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