Veterinary Provider Production Reporting – use it to make more $$!


    Hippo Manager has built-in veterinary provider production reports that can be utilized to identify revenue opportunities. Utilizing provider production reports in veterinary practice management software is an essential tool for the business functions of your practice.  Hippo Manager has AWESOME veterinary reports, built-in!

    About Our Veterinary Provider Production Report

    Accessing and understanding provider production reports will give you valuable insight into your practice staff performance.  Not to mention productivity, areas for improvement as well as categories that show a current success.

    Provider production reports by category are designed to drive profits at your veterinary practice.  Easily identify areas within your provider groups (employees) and their services that need a little help in meeting benchmarks.  Easily see what categories are outperforming other categories so you can utilize that area.

    Extensive reporting, like the one below, is available to all veterinary practice partners in our cloud-based software.  Get started in a FREE trial today.

    Provider Production by Category Report

    The provider production report by category shows valuable insight into your providers and services that are being billed at your veterinary practice.

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    How can my practice use veterinary reports to drive profits (make more $$!)?

    Reporting in Hippo Manager is designed to show maximum cross sections of your veterinary business. Because it’s important to quickly identify areas that need improvement against those that are meeting benchmarks.

    If your clinic is operating programs like wellness visits and vaccinations it is easy to run a report comparing the two. Each category can be separated to identify high performance or, when benchmarks are not being met.

    It’s key to every practice to identify the providers through veterinary reports to drive profits. Identifying that a particular provider category needs additional “help” to start meeting goals that have been set to make more profits and provide excellent patient care.

    Got an under-performing area of your veterinary business as seen in your provider production report?  Utilize tools within Hippo Manager to drive more business to, wellness visits, for example.  Is your practice correctly using the free built-in email reminders? Use email reminders for your patient owners when it comes to wellness visits.  Increase appointment compliance by pairing email reminders with the postcard reminder service in Hippo Manager!

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    How To Run Veterinary Provider Production Reports

    Learn how to generate reminders in Hippo Manager veterinary software, watch the short video below!



    Access free and unlimited training with every Hippo Manager subscription, be sure your veterinary practice is getting the most out of your practice management software provider.  Schedule your free one-on-one training today!

    Practice management software that provides veterinary reports to drive profits is available for only $119 per month, per vet. Get started for free today by calling or texting 877-819-1059 or get your free trial login information by clicking here.

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