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    Get a concise and clear understanding of vital business functions using graphical reports in Hippo Manager. These, if we do say so ourselves, gorgeous graphical reports, produce a colorful layout.  Perhaps most importantly the reports produce an easy to understand visual of critical veterinary business data. Because built-in reports included in Hippo Manager are not only AWESOME they’re GORGEOUS!

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    Types of Graphical Reports

    Running and pulling your veterinary practice graph reports has never been easier or faster! In a matter of seconds, you can visualize data efficiently using any customized date range and filtered by location.

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    For example, the types of categories, sales summary and suppliers are reports that present with a detailed visual layout. Pie chart, line chart and bar graph are the three types of graphical reports available for use.  Depending on the data set, the simplest way to present the results will be pre-selected in one of those three formats.

    Built-in Veterinary Practice Graph Reports

    Of the 8 types of graphical reports built-in to Hippo Manager, each will be represented one of three ways.  Furthermore, our streamlined graphical layout is determined according to the pre-set data layout.

    Bar Chart

    Taxes, items, discounts, and customers are popular veterinary practice graph reports that run as bar charts. Likewise, it’s easy to visualize categories against types for a quick overview of the data.

     graphical reports in hippo manager bar chart sales

    Pie Chart

    Suppliers, categories, and employers are each represented in a pie chart breakdown. Therefore it’s very easy to see the types of categories represented with an additional percentage breakdown.

    graphical reports in hippo manager pie chart sales

    Line Chart

    Sales summary report is presented via the various category breakdown in a line chart format. As a result, it’s very easy to spot sales trends in a positive or, negative direction.

    graphical reports in hippo manager line chart sales


    The GORGEOUS graphical reports built-in to Hippo Manager are part of our awesome reports and come free with every subscription. Furthermore, Hippo Manager builds the tools veterinary professionals need to thrive. As a highly rated veterinary software company we’re the perfect fit for all size and type veterinary clinics. Most noteworthy for providing well-rounded and robust practice management software!  Get a free demo anytime.

    Awesome Veterinary Practice Reports

    Don’t just stop at graphical reports. Also, it’s possible to utilize the key performance indicator reports such as practice performance tracker and new client report. Awesome built-in reports are just part of the many unique things Hippo Manager offers to practice partners.

    veterinary practice multi-unit new client growth report

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