Vaccinations: Reminders, Item Kits, Templates & More!


    Completing vaccinations within Hippo Manager is a simplified process. Managing and administering vaccinations at your veterinary practice can be made easier by utilizing built-in features.  Features such as client reminders for boosters, item kits and chart templates can aid when giving vaccinations at your veterinary practice and make this element of your veterinary clinic, simpler.

    Vaccinations: Using Reminders

    Enabling patient reminders at your veterinary practice can not only increase client retention and reduce no-shows, but, it also aids owners to give their pets proper care.  Reminding patient owners about upcoming vaccinations will increase the likelihood that the booster and follow-up care appointments are attended.

    Email reminders are built-into and free with every Hippo Manager subscription.  Combining email reminders with a call back list and, mailed reminder postcards (all available with Hippo Manager!) can ensure the highest level of appointment compliancy at your practice or, clinic.

    Vaccinations: Using Chart Templates



    Vaccinations: Using Item Kits

    Using items kits enables your practice to combine services, reminders, medications, vaccinations and more.  Really anything that could be grouped together during an office visit for a procedure or, visit type can be combined to form an item kit to checkout patients faster.  Items kits can be custom built by each practice as it suits their needs.

    Get customized item kits for your veterinary practice, start a free trial today!

    For example, a 6 week booster shot item kit can be created to include a reminder, vaccination, services performed etc.  Adding that particular “6 week booster shot” item kit at checkout automatically applies all items and their associated prices to be billed at once.  Need to edit an item kit, or edit during checkout?  Easy. Edit the item in the checkout screen, or, edit the item kit itself, to ensure all future kits are combined correctly.

    vaccinations and veterinary software


    Under the “Management” tab, click the “Item Kits” icon.


    using items kits for vaccinations


    “Create New” in the top right


    vaccinations and using item kits in veterinary software


    Create a custom item kit for vaccination visit types and any other combination types as needed at your practice!

    Learn how to create custom item kids, enable built-in free reminders and more with unlimited training and support for all Hippo Manager subscribing practice partners.  Get started in a free trial today, or call, 877-819-0159

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