Better Work-Life Balance for Veterinarians: 4 Ways Today!


    Achieving a better work-life balance for veterinarians is so important in 2019 and beyond. As the industry sees some troubling trends, it’s important to start building real solutions. Though not all areas of a veterinary practice can be flexible, practice peers can find real help.

    4 Ways for Better Work-Life Balance for Veterinarians

    Dr. Todd Marcum, Chief Medical Officer at Hippo Manager offers insight into how ways for work-life balance can be achieved. Partnering with veterinary software that provides ways to create this balance, is crucial. Because veterinarians should be empowered to thrive in their passion and partnerships should enable that.

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    4 ways a better work-life balance can be achieved is outlined below, using Hippo Manager’s cloud veterinary software platform:

    1. Charting from anywhere
    2. Mobile client communications
    3. Unlimited DICOM and file storage
    4. Appointments from your phone

    Work Anywhere Veterinary Software

    Cloud-based veterinary PiMS offers just that – a better work-life balance for veterinarians is built-in to the framework. This allows work to be completed from anywhere with internet access. Using Google Chrome or Apple Safari browser, Hippo Manager is a full-service platform that can be used anywhere, anytime.

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    Hippo Manager helps you to not miss dinner or an important personal or family event again!

    1. Charting from ANYWHERE

    Using Wi-Fi or a cell phone hot-spot, you can connect to charting and more from home or anywhere. So, instead of being locked into your in hospital server and having to finish all your notes in this hospital, you can choose to get home in time for dinner and finish your notes when it is convenient for you.

    Need to stop and pick up a charting later, to get out the door? Charts in Hippo Manager autosave! Never lose detailed notes or worry about disconnecting too early!

    2. Mobile Client Communications

    Use 2-way text messaging integrated with Hippo Manager. Continue client conversations from any device using any business number. Download the Zipwhip app and communicate about billing or patient care in a two-way text. Easily install the Chrome plugin and text using any computer!

    Chat/text with veterinary clients from anywhere using the app. Continue the same conversations on a laptop at home without being tied to the office.

    Better work-life balance is also about cutting the cord, too. Enable auto-replies and out of office messages. It’s important to let clients know when they can get a hold of you. Be flexible and get more time at home, but draw the line for your free time.



    3. Unlimited DICOM and Data Use

    All X-Rays, pictures, and videos can be uploaded and viewed in Hippo Manager from anywhere. The cloud-based built-in DICOM viewer is only available in Hippo Manager. Easily upload DICOM images and store on an unlimited and free basis.

    DICOM veterinary PACS vet on tablet with dog

    Any technician at the office upload photos, audio files, and videos to the patient profile. Log in to Hippo Manager from anywhere and check on patient results. Similarly, work can be done in the field and audio and video files can be added from anywhere.

    4. Appointments from Your Phone

    managing veterinary appointments

    Don’t rush into the office to view the appointment schedule. No need to call in and have a staff member give you the run-down on today’s visits. Using the Google Calendar 2-way sync, appointments can be viewed and even added and updated from your phone.

    Check the type of appointments and the number of appointments from your breakfast table. Easily switch appointments and adjust your schedule while still enjoying that cup of coffee in the morning.

    The Veterinary Work-Life Balance Challenge

    Everyone in the profession should be acknowledging the significance of “veterinary distress” as well as varying degrees of “well-being”. (Merck Animal Health Well Being study of 2018) Both are very important topics and definitely “hot-button” issues.

    In summary, veterinary distress and lack of well-being have resulted in only 41% of veterinarians recommending this career. This is compared to 51% of physicians and 70% of the general population. Read the entire report, here.

    What can be done to help improve this crisis?

    One easy answer from the Merck Study was to “Budget time for healthy activities such as family time.”  The study also offered that scheduling time for “socializing with friends, recreation and exercise” helps.

    My entire veterinary career seeing patients (1989-2009) was a constant balance. It has always been a delicate balance between the needs of a clinic and patients and the needs of family life. I didn’t even have a cell phone until the mid-1990s!  A pager was the only way to have freedom from the clinic.

    Balancing personal and professional life is still hard today, but we now have the power to change this paradigm.

    Everyone “works from home” willingly. It is even seen as a normal part of a job.

    So why not veterinarians?

    It is imperative that this is embraced as well as the “freeing features” of technology to help improve veterinary well-being. Veterinarians should demand this, and employers should embrace this. Let Hippo Manager empower you to thrive.

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